Environmental Services for Commercial - Industrial - Retail  

Acorn has been working with commercial property developers, and property managers in Minnesota since 1997.

Environmental Permits for Commercial Sites

If you want a retail site in Rochester, a business park in Monticello, a school in Shakopee, hospital in Maple Grove or a warehouse in St. Cloud, Acorn Environmental has experience to help you guide your commercial and industrial project through the environmental permitting problems you must resolve before your plans are approved by the city council. Acorn will work with your engineer, architect and surveyor to quickly solve the environmental problems that appear.

Environmental consulting for real estate property managers.

When you have a question about new wetland rules and how wetland permit applications will effect your commercial property timeline, click here to contact Acorn, send an email or schedule a meeting on the site.

Please provide:

  1. A description or property information number (PIN)
  2. Location of your site
  3. proposed size in acres or square feet

Helpful information (if necessary)

  1. Add a GIS or CAD drawing or GPS information and sketches of your concept plans.
  2. Include your cell phone number and a good time to call.

We will accommodate your schedule.

Acorn is a small business that will be flexible to your needs. Our office is centrally located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul.

Acorn provides the same services on a site that's 600 acres or a lot split that's 10,000 square feet.