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Our student employees are back in the office.

We enjoyed a fine weekend fishing trip to Wisconsin with the junior staff. A fish fry is in our future.


Project Updates:

GIS tree survey work for a proposal in Golden Valley is being done.

A wetland site design is being created with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Lakeville.

Wetland mitigation annual site monitoring is occurring in Prior Lake, Minnetonka, and Lakeville.

Off-site Atypical wetland determination is completed on an agricultural field in Medina and Eden Prairie.

Wetland Hydrology monitoring was completed in Blaine, Lakeville, Dakota County, and Minnetonka.

We are working with clients and the Corps of Engineers and a watershed district to resolve wetland permitting issues in Victoria and Lakeville.

The wetland vegetation is establishing well in the rain garden at Hickory Shores in Prior Lake after being we tilled the soil, re-seeded it with a variety of BWSR native seed mixtures and set up a temporary irrigation system.

Wetland mitigation site monitoring has been completed and continues in the following cities:



Prior Lake,



A wetland hydrology monitoring study is ongoing on a complex wetland mitigation area in Hennepin County. Our goal is to document the movement of groundwater in the north and a lake in the south to determine if wetland hydrology exists. Although this project is not large, the study will provide the decision makers on the TEP the information needed to determine the wetland boundary.

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